Since the dawn of civilization, men have been responsible for hunting and providing food to their families. Women had to look after the needs of the family and raise the kids. This has been the norm for several millennia until the world wars. During the First and the Second World Wars, when the men went away to fight, the factories and business establishments hired women to replace them in large numbers. Since families also needed money to sustain themselves during the wars, huge numbers of women went to work in factories and offices. A number of armament factories also needed women to work in their assembly lines to manufacture the guns, bombs, tanks and airplanes used in the war.

By the end of the two wars, the position of women at the job market was solidified. Women thus began to play two roles – to work like men and provide their families with all the needed things, and also to take care of the family. Although this dual role involves a lot of pressure, women are so versatile that they are able to handle these two tasks simultaneously with relative ease. Men can hardly perform either of these two roles properly, but women have been able to successfully handle them.

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While some women work to supplement the family’s income, there are many homes where the woman is the sole bread winner in the family. Therefore, they are left with no other option but to work and provide for their children. They also have to come back home and cook, wash the dishes, do the laundry and take care of the kids’ homework. Working mothers are, therefore, excellent managers, who are able to take care of multiple things simultaneously and do a great job at that.