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Is Introduction of Automobiles Harmful to Society?

Introduction of automobiles brought significant changes into society and, of course, became rather a controversial issue. The first cars appeared in the XIX century and have undergone significant changes since then.

Now any distance is not a problem for people, as they can easily reach any place without much effort by using cars, buses or trains. Automobiles made possible easy communication between countries and united all the nations. Borders were erased for trade and international market was established. I simply can’t imagine how our life would look like without cars. They became so integrated in our lives, that it is now impossible to live without them.

Cars became also an attribute of status. Now we can hardly imagine a top- or mid-level manager without an automobile. It became as natural for them as some kind of extremely expensive bag. Of course, they vary in price and characteristics, which also adds to the status indication function.

Along with positive consequences, cars also bring about some drawbacks. Everyone is aware that cars contribute greatly into ever increasing level of pollution, as well as run on the fuels that are produced from non-renewable energy sources. All of this brings about significant environmental and economical problems. Besides, the quantity of cars is increasing each day, especially in big cities, which results in long traffic jams, numerous accidents and other unpleasant matters.

I am sure that the best way out is using cars wisely. Now scientists are working on types of cars that will not bring so much harm to our planet. In our turn, we have to consider the new variants and, if possible, try to promote them among our friends. In small towns it is better to use bicycles, which will be great not only for the environment, but also for your health.

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