Nowadays nobody is surprised to see the people who instead of hurrying to the office simply switch on their computers and carry out their boss’s errands at home. As this phenomenon is here to stay, let us try to envisage its effects on our society in the long run.

Obviously, telecommuting has a great potential to benefit us. It has given us a chance to make our professional lives less hectic, as we do not waste our precious time in the horrendous traffic jams and are always able to start the working day on time. Besides, it enables us to allot more time to our families, as there is no fixed working schedule. It appears that in the future the professional world can become even more flexible and will no longer be associated with stress and lack of private life.

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At the same time, telecommuting has its drawbacks. Employees working from home are deprived of personal contact with colleagues. They no longer feel that they are members of the team, which is rather hard for extrovert people. This aspect is prone to make people more isolated in the years to come. What is more, the atmosphere at home is not always stimulating for labour feats. Our close ones sometimes fail to realize that the fact we stay at home does not make our work less important and distract us. This disadvantage, however, can be easily addressed by setting rules at home and changing the general public attitude to telecommuting.

All in all, every advance comes at a price and telecommuting is not an exception. As long as we find a balance between our work and personal life, there is no reason why we are not able to use it to our advantage.

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