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How Important is Age for Relationships?

Many people feel uncomfortable when they see a couple where one partner is much older than the other one – irrespectively of who of them belongs to which gender. It just doesn’t occur for the majority that people belonging to different generations may have enough in common for creating a really serious relationship. The actual attitude towards this or that participant of such a relation differs with the person – some consider a younger one to be a fortune-hunter trying to win an older fool, or the older one is considered to be a “cradle-grabber” or something, appealed by the youth and beauty and trying to relive one’s own younger years. It isn’t usual for the onlookers to expand the realm of such relationship beyond sex and self-interest.

Yet, how true it is? Why two people belonging to different ages should be stopped from being together if they feel that they can cope with it? There is, of course, the issue of responsibility – older people are usually more responsible and reasonable than younger ones, and may thus treat younger people as not mature enough. Good for them! The main thing about this problem, as it is with the majority of problems that interest people nowadays, is that nobody forces such a relationship on you. You are free to choose whatever you like. If you prefer …

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