Basically, writing a college paper is a strong educational activity, aimed at training every possible skill of independent intellectual work. Therefore, there are several basic principles to give a good prompt on how the skills you already possess may be used for better performance. They are analytical and structural thinking, research and sources analysis, argumentation and coherent writing.

Most of the work to be done is about critical research and structure. Implement these skills when starting the paper. Carefully read and analyze the assignment. Perform brain storming and ask your professor as many questions as you can. It is essential to understand the assignment correctly. You will get an overall issue idea and draw an outline structure of the paper. Make notes when conversing or reading. Any of the input might be valuable.

Motivate yourself; find something of personal interest in your topic and start considering the paper, your personal goal and achievement. Do the research thoroughly, as if you were digging up information while planning a remote vacation.

Work out the structure and write down thesis to understand your further argumentation and actions order. As soon as you come to understanding and start enjoying what you do, you have to follow your plan. Start with basic ideas and then add more detail. This structure is the skeleton of your paper.

Next step is the most interesting and exciting one. Study and analyze information sources. Use the plan to systematize research and reading, go through as many sources as you can. The data you acquire at this stage build up and back up the whole of your argument. Therefore, be as precise as possible when collecting facts, figures and quotations. Make as many notes as possible.

The final part is writing itself. Now you know the subject matter well, possess detailed thesis and argumentation structure, dispose enough relevant information. Start putting things together, write the paper following the structure, be coherent and don’t plagiarize.

Be sure, you will love what you have done.