Writing an application is one of the main steps for you to be admitted to the college of your choice. Even if a student has marginal scores, an outstanding essay can make an appropriate impression on the admissions committee and he/she will be selected. Thus, don’t miss an opportunity to increase your chances to get into the chosen college or university and consider the following useful tips.

Idea. Before writing your application, think about the main idea, at which you would like to point. It should show who you are, your personality and individuality, instead of what you’ve done.

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Originality. Think about what can differ you from other people; write about your unique characteristics and, in this way, try to prove yourself as a worthy candidate.

Truth. Be sincere in every word you write and don’t embellish your skills and achievements. Be just as you are and your essay will sound very peculiarly.

Coherence. Try to set some order of your thoughts from beginning to end with final conclusions. You can write your application like a little story with an introduction, a plot and a culmination.

Plagiarism. It can seem like an easy and effective way just to copy somebody’s work or its parts, but also it’s a quick way to be rejected from the application process. Write your own thoughts and in your own words.

Revising. Check everything twice (or more), and don’t hesitate to make alterations and rewriting. Don’t rely just on your computer’s spell check and ask someone to read it or refer to a reputable on-line checker.

Finally, if you have no idea what to write, just imagine that you have 5 minutes time to talk to the member of the committee. What special would you tell him/her about yourself?