Writing theology paper demands not only the subject knowledge, but also analytical abilities and specific writing skills. To write the theology paper in effective way you need to listen carefully to your supervisor or professor. Possibly, they will offer some key words, assisting to disclose the main idea of the paper.

Theology paper expects special academic formatting with citations and references organized in proper way.

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You can ask yourself subsidiary questions like: Why? When? How? Answers to these questions will assist you in finding an entry point into the theme of the paper and making your work exclusive, interesting and different from other papers, dedicated to the same topic.

You need to outline the paper giving the structure to your ideas and thoughts. When the direction is clarified, it will become easy to develop the idea, arguing the key points. The first your statement is thesis statement, that should sound like declaration. After thesis you bring list of points examining the problem, according to the questions set in the beginning.

Then you need to revise the material and to search for interrelated concepts to develop the correlation between different subjects.

Each paragraph should be dedicated to some separate thought or specific argument. All paragraphs together must support the entire argument and the key point of the work.

Finally, you reread the paper, getting sure that you’ve included all the needed arguments and they are in correct order. Check that content of your work is correlated with the title, and your thesis is fully supported by arguments. By the way, you can consider starting the paper with some famous quotation – rather often it is the perfect way of launching the paper. You can reread the paper several times, removing unnecessary words and reducing the length of sentences. Plain language is always more effective.