While working on ethos, you have to realize that it has to show the way the readers recognize the writer. Below we present the main features that the readers may find out about the writer. Note, that in the case with ethos the writer never mentions himself. So, among the features the readers may ascribe to you there are lazy, careful, educated, enthusiastic, dishonest, boring, etc.

All these features may be ascribed by the reader to the writer after he says what he has to say and the way he says it.

Readers have also an opportunity to describe the writer’s appearance, his gender, his fashion style and whether he speaks with an accent.

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It is highly important for you to set 2 specific aims to reach while building up your ethos. The first one lies in the fact that you have to make your readers trust you. The second – you need to make your readers respect or even like you.
When you read “like you”, don’t think that it is necessary to make your readers go out with you for a date after they finish reading your paper. The point is that readers usually appreciate what you have done, that is they respect you for the interesting paper you have written. In order to create a strong ethos, follow these simple recommendations:

  • You need to have good pathos/logos.
  • You need to show your readers that you have performed a thorough research of your topic.
  • You need to show your enthusiasm concerning your topic.
  • You need to express empathy if it’s appropriate.

Remember, in case you perform limited research for your ethos, your readers will definitely be less inclined to trust what you have written. Thus, your support of arguments won’t be convincing and valuable.

Never forget to check your paper for grammar mistakes and typos. Otherwise, your readers will never respect you and won’t be interested in reading it at all.

Show your readers that you care about what you are writing and be sensitive where it is appropriate.