Coming up with a good idea for a persuasive speech may seem like a piece of cake. However, when you get a real task to perform, you suddenly realize that either your mind is completely blank, or you can come up with something boring and silly. So, how to invent a topic that will be interesting and provide a good opportunity to exercise public speaking? These simple tips can help you:

  • Keep the balance: choose an area you are truly interested in, but avoid the topics which may be too touchy.
  • Sometimes try to express the opinion opposite to yours.
  • Choose a controversial issue, but do not go too deeply in religious, ideological or political concerns.
  • Make your topic up-to-date, locally oriented and important for the audience.
  • Limit the issue by choosing a part of the problem.

Here are some ideas which you may find interesting:

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  1. Developed countries should not help developing ones financially.
  2. Free higher education cannot conform to the standards of the modern society.
  3. Modern art will possess no cultural value in one hundred years.
  4. The failure to achieve your aim means there was no real desire to succeed.
  5. Business success is a matter of luck and has nothing to do with professionalism.
  6. High academic results are not important for your future professional success.
  7. In order to ensure free college education for all, government must introduce an additional tax for large and medium size companies.
  8. Despite being strict, college admission procedures fail to guarantee the right people being chosen.
  9. Long-term unemployment benefits discourage people from looking for a job and stimulate the unemployment.
  10. School curriculum must place a greater emphasis on science than humanities, as humanitarian subjects are easier to master.