Job I Would Absolutely Refuse to Take

There are so many opportunities and chances in the modern world that it is sometimes hard for a person to make a choice of future vocation so as not to regret about it. Now, being a college student, I am one of those who haven’t 100% decided on the choice of the direction in which to develop. Still, I know my preferences and always try to achieve more in the spheres that I particularly enjoy. What I know exactly is the environment in which I want to work in future and, thus, it is rather easy for me to describe the positions which will definitely be not suitable for me.

About 3-4 years ago, when I decided on the life positions I wanted to have – energetic and active – I realized what I wanted from work. The main thing is ability to develop and demonstrate my knowledge. I want to be valued and I want my ideas to be taken into account. I am sure that by the time I start my career I will have enough knowledge to be useful for the company. Besides, I want to be surrounded with cozy and easy-going atmosphere. I don’t like to speak with grumblers and pessimists, so, I hope, there will be no such people around me. As for salary, of course, I want it to be as high as possible, but I clearly understand that I will start with an average one.

Thus, I would definitely refuse from the positions, on which there is no possibility of development and no prospects of career progress, as for me they will be destructive and doomed. Companies with people who are constantly complaining about life are also not for me, as the atmosphere they create is too difficult and boring for me. There are a lot of such positions, of course, but I will try to…