One Thing I Would Like to Change about My Childhood

I had a happy and interesting childhood. As computers weren’t that popular among people and I didn’t have brothers or sisters, I spent almost all the time in the streets playing with other children. When I went to the kindergarten, I met two friends, with whom I started to play and spend every free minute I had. I was really happy till the moment when one of my friends went away to live in the other country.

I still remember that moment. I just couldn’t believe my ears: Helen was going away for such a long period of time – 3 years, or even more. I didn’t know what to do and with whom to spend my free time, as with the other friend I wasn’t so close. Still, people say that time heals all the wounds, and I didn’t have another choice than to try to recollect myself and live further.

After some time passed, I managed to overcome my disappointment to some extent. Helen wrote letters to me, but our correspondence was not as often as I wanted. I always was too busy to sit down and write a letter, and I think that she had the same problem. Thus, there were letters once a month, but they were a real happiness for me. I remember how I waited for the desired letter after I sent mine and how I was upset when I didn’t receive the answer for a long period of time.

Now 8 years passed from that moment, but I still want to change this event in my life. Today there are several people with whom I like to spend my time, but I don’t have such friends as Helen. I just didn’t meet such people, or, maybe, I was afraid of meeting them, as I just knew I didn’t want to go through the same nightmare I did when my best friend went away.

I still value this person very much and…