Do you feel pharmacy to be a mission of your life? Many of those who choose the healthcare profession can easily solve problems of thousands of patients and may as easily get stuck with writing an application letter, also called an admission essay, to get into pharmacy school.

Why should you care of writing some sort of an application letter when your soul is striving for taking care of people’s health and the planet, and leave a mark in pharmacy?

How to write a competitive pharmacy school application letter?

The purpose of a pharmacy school application letter is to create a powerful impression on the committee and stand out of other applicants by finding strong arguments to believe in you as an excellent future pharmacist. Your first and foremost challenge is to convince the committee members that you deserve to become a part of their team and make your contribution to the pharmacy as well.

What is a formula for a perfect application letter?

The truth is, there isn’t any secret or template that truly works and guarantees you getting into pharmacy school for sure. Annually the admission committee receives numerous application letters, which helps consider some applicants over others. Moreover, committee members are humans and each of them interprets the same admission essay from a personal point of view.

What’s the way out?

Let’s assume each and every applicant who desires to be enrolled in pharmacy school looks for an admission essay template and inspiration to write the one in the Internet sources and ‘copy’ them. Then what percent of unique essays and fresh ideas do the members of committee receive annually? That’s the main point that boosts us to find a creative way out that will help you stand out of others with the very first words.

How to make your application essay fresh and readable? First of all, make sure your essay highlights and includes precise answers to the following questions:

  1. What’s your motivation of wanting to become a pharmacist?
  2. Is your essay tailored to the specific preferences of the school you are eager to get into?
  3. Why have you chosen their school?
  4. Why are you a good fit for this pharmacy school?
  5. Why you want to go to this very pharmacy school you are writing your essay for?
  6. Is your essay biographical and describes your own experience?
  7. Are you sincere with your reader and yourself?
  8. Does your essay involves your personal characteristics that may make you a diligent student and a good pharmacist in the future?

Write as simple as possible. Let your words flow in a manner of speaking and try to avoid sentences with difficult structures. Ask somebody to read your essay and say how convincing it is as for the facts you used. When you are done, it’s time to think out of the box a little and work on structuring your work differently as others would do that.

Let’s freshen up your pharmacy admission essay?

Standard and usual things can be presented in a creative way that truly stands out and shows your uniqueness. This approach always attracts and forces to stay focused on what you are reading. Your admission essay is not the exception!

Here are some fresh tips:

1. How about starting your essay with a joke that would be clear only for people involved in pharmacy? Do not overdo, though!
2. Fill your essay with a passage of thoughts on “How will I save the world when I become a pharmacist?” The same idea goes to “What contribution will I make on becoming a student of your pharmacy school?” Turn on your imagination but be realistic in statements.
3. Show yourself as a researcher by sharing the latest knowledge you’ve found out from the sphere of pharmacy. This will illustrate your ability and desire to the new openings.

Referring to the points above, you may find some other ideas appeared in your mind to add your pharmacy school admission essay. Don’t be afraid of being genuine!

Do this before you send your admission essay!

When your pharmacy school application essay is ready, leave it for some time and find the very first reader. Listen to critique and ask for the tips on how to make your work even more amazing and competitive.

You’re lucky if you have a grammar nazi among friends to proofread and edit all of the possible errors in words — spelling and grammar. Double check it with a spell checker online tool, in many cases it may find spelling errors invisible to your eyes or can’t be checked by the program in your computer.

In the end, give a sincere answer to yourself: “Would you let yourself be enrolled in pharmacy school after reading your own personal statement?”. The answer speaks for itself!