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Choosing a Persuasive Speech Topic for High School: Do’s and Don’ts

Obviously, there is nothing like a controversial topic in terms of grabbing the attention of your audience. It is also a must for any persuasive speech, as it expresses its essence, namely two adversary points of view that give you plenty of scope for employing your argumentative and persuasive skills. However, do not get too carried away in chase of sensationalism and follow some standard rules.

Firstly, when you decide on a topic for your speech, make sure you do not take up an offensive stance towards a certain group of people or demean them. Your objective is to persuade people. If you hurt your listeners on a personal level, you will, obviously, fail to achieve your goal as well as prove yourself to be a disrespectful orator and a narrow-minded person. There are, of course, people with very strong feeling about certain issues, who would object and remind me of free speech, but free speech also implies responsibility, especially when it is public. What can be chosen as a topic then? In fact, as long as you do not forget about the respect, the sky is the only limit for you. Any topic that can get people thinking and questioning their point of view would be an excellent choice. However, make sure that you research it well and present both sides of the argument, so that your speech doesn’t sound one-sided. Last but not least, prepare colorful illustrations to support any allegation you make to be sure that your speech is well-reasoned.

On the whole, you are expected to…

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