It is true to say that cheating on one’s spouse exists as long as there is marriage; and of course every generation is completely and utterly sure that the age it lives in is the worst in what concerns morals, human relationships and social life in general. Strangely enough, but people seem to like complaining about such things.

It is hard to say whether cheating nowadays is more wide-spread than before, for there hardly can be any reliable information on this matter either from modern times or from the ages past, as cheating isn’t generally the thing that one strives to make public. Some people do everything to persuade us that it was better “then”; some people do everything to persuade us that “then” was just the same as “now”.

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Yet, some things changed, no doubt. Technological progress made cheating much more easy than it was in the ages past; cell phones and the Internet makes communications simple and confidential, unless someone tries to investigate them directly. And, of course, public opinion ceased to be strictly against cheating. Many people treat it extremely easy, condescendingly or even approvingly (at least until the moment they are cheated on themselves). There are even specialized dating websites for married people on the Internet.

And it is strange, really. Even if people consider Christian (and almost any other) morals to be outdated, do they consider business agreements to be just as outdated? And what a marriage is if not a business agreement of a kind, with its terms and conditions? Why a person who infringes this contract should be treated in a different way from somebody who swindles his or her business partner? It is a picturesque example of doublethink, one of many that may be encountered in modern world.