Numerous researches and scientific works paid significant attention to the elements and ethical concerns of the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom. The question of death penalty is one of the most alerting and difficult aspects of criminal justice in general. There are, however, not that many works, dedicated to the theoretical analysis of the death penalty and criminal justice as a whole and its relationships and interconnection with religious questions.

What is the role and responsibility of the religious institution in controlling of criminal justice and where is the equilibrium point of religious intervention in the death penalty aspects?

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The primary research question stated above reflects personal concerns and objective scientific questions that, according to the writer’s belief, should be put on the agenda of the criminal justice debates and discussion.

For the purpose of this study, we have analyzed and carefully examined previous literature, related to the topic for the last decade and incorporated interview and other research elements into the analysis. In the scope of the research, we have interviewed ten representatives from political and religious circles and completed the analysis of the survey among sixty six respondents, selected from scientific circle that looks at the ethical aspects of criminal justice.

One of the major findings of this research document is the fundamental gap between the way church sees its role in the criminal justice and the perception and expectation of political and social circles of the responsibilities of the religious persons in this respect.

We strongly believe that the discussion and findings of this research paper will bring additional value and knowledge into the academic and social studies, related to criminal justice, as well as can significantly contribute towards the development of religious studies in this field.