The Movie Rating System

Any medium such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines is used by the government in its own interests. Hollywood movies are no exception, which has a great impact on population due to their popularity among Americans.

The first reason to support my idea is that the Presidential Administration and the Pentagon strongly intensify their engagement with the bosses of the film industry and the largest U.S. producers, asking for their help in the propagation of “American patriotism” and “mobilizing the whole nation to fight with America’s enemies.” The examples of such cooperation were the movies such as “Saving Private Ryan” (brought $216 million), “Pearl Harbor” ($198 million), “Black Hawk Down” ($108 million), “We Were Soldiers” with Mel Gibson ($79 million), “All the Fears of the World” ($ 97 million), etc.

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The second reason to support my opinion is the fact that in order to distract public attention from the sex scandal involving U.S. President Bill Clinton, the adviser for emergency situations, Conrad Breen, was urgently called and asked to take action. Breen, in turn, called a well-known Hollywood producer Stanley Motss. Together they made a film on a grand Hollywood scale. Stanley Motss could not miss this rare chance to satisfy his ambitions and the movie “Wag the Dog” ($64 million) came out.

Therefore, from the examples above I conclude that any American film director or producer, if he really wants to make an entertaining and profitable film, is forced to ask the Pentagon or other serious authority for assistance. In exchange for their services, these authorities demand the right to make adjustments in the film production and even censorship of the script.