When I was little, I loved listening to my granny telling me stories about her youth. It seemed so strange to imagine her going out with some boy. And I clearly remember that I often felt confused. She sometimes told me about a boy whom she liked, but he was too shy to ask her out, and she could not do it either because it had to be a male decision. “Why?” – I kept asking her. She could not explain properly and I could not get the idea. And even now I still do not understand this very common belief that it is unacceptable for a girl to ask a boy out.

First, I believe, it depends a lot on the attitude you have to the boy and he has to you. I agree that it would be quite embarrassing to ask out somebody who you have not been introduced to or, you know, strongly dislikes you. But if you have the same company of friends, know each other, enjoy the time you spend together, why cannot the girl be brave enough to make the first step?

Second, many girls believe that if you make this decision, the boy will respect you less. This may be true, but then it just means that this is the wrong person for you. But, on the other hand, he may be grateful to you that you have managed to overcome your mutual shyness and you will be happy together.

So, I believe that under certain circumstances asking a boy out is the best way to start a relationship. And in case a girl feels she really cares about that boy, she must at least try, and who knows, maybe she will not lose her chance to be happy due to silly prejudices.