There are two types of people born everyday. These types of people are either male or female. In some parts of the world, the difference between these two types of people defines the role each will play throughout their lives. The male person is usually the larger boned of the two types of people. Biologically, he is typically the more physically stronger than the average female. Growing lists of medical facts distinctively gender related reveal differences in how these two types of peoples’ brains work differently. Gender based findings provide the main differences between the way these two types of peoples’ brains do work.

Male Brains

Men, contrary to some incorrect beliefs do not have a larger brain than women – but it is distinctively made of harder stuff making them very hard headed. This is especially true when it comes to asking directions when they are lost. Rather than admitting they are lost they will even comment when told to ask for directions, “No this is an adventure”. That comment makes some sort of primal sense because modern man evolved much too quickly becoming civilized and having no longer the “need” to hunt to be the brute not that long ago protecting his cave and the tribe. It is this sense of no closure from the advances of civilization ripping him from his primal environment. It makes perfect sense. At the top of the brain is a golf ball sized portion dedicated to functioning around sports involving the use of a ball and is only outsized by the portion of the brain dedicated to dangerous pursuits. Nearly overtaking the area where the medulla oblongata is located is a large region of this type of person’s brain where addictions center and is easily stimulated by TV and RF remote controls. In the frontal lobe where human attention abilities function, unfortunately, in men this gender based characteristic is at best, extremely underdeveloped and lies right next to the barely identifiable region used for listening. The largest portion of the male brain that has little change since the long ago migration from the cave into human dwellings, communities, cities, and nations is the part of the brain controlling domestic skills. Interestingly enough the smallest distinguishable region of the male brain is the pin-sized portion sitting just before the large domestic skills region called toilet aiming capacity.

Female Brain

The largest distinguishable portion of a female brain is located in the center and I called the headache generator. Toward the frontal area of a female brain and only slightly smaller than the headache is the box shaped portion dedicated to the passion of shoes. Strongly gender based and only identifiable in the female brain is this fashion sense portion of any aged female brain. Like the male counterpart of these two types of people the smallest portion of the female brain having to do with the toilet is the pinhead sized area functioning as toilet cleaning ability.

An egg-sized shaped portion of the female brain located center and top just underneath the skull is the impulse shopping part. Adjacent to and just back of the impulse shopping part of the female brain is a large section completely dedicated to remembering anniversaries and birthdays. Interestingly, this ability does not exist anywhere in a male brain. Another relatively large portion of the female brain located atop the medulla oblongata is the gossip control portion of the female brain. While this is normally found no where in the male brain, new research in the 21st century in older males has revealed unusually high incidences of this type brain tissue latently appearing in growing numbers of males over the age of 40 years. At this time, there exist no research base statistics on this new male brain development.

The frontal region of the female brain is only slightly showing new development for realization of wants versus needs. Current reports of ongoing studies of this region reveal the implications of some benign neuron activity appearing in females over the age of 30. Conclusive evidence has yet to be published, whereas the area the size of a middle finger located adjacent to the headache generator id the gold digging sensory that new studies reveal is shrinking in new generations of females in the 21st century.

Another region the size of a dime located in the lower frontal lobe area of the female brain is the area stimulated by shiny things, diamonds, and particularly aligned with the female olfactory abilities. Again, this is an area typically not found in the male brain. Conversely, the female brain shows no development of the driving skills region of the brain located in the bottom rear area.

The Facts about Beer

New research reveals that the chemical make up of beer does have significant traces of female hormones. Testing this on men for reactions resulted in 100 volunteers consuming 12 pints of beer. One hundred percent of the volunteers gained unwanted weight. They also began talking incessantly without making any sense. On top of the mounting evidence of the impact of the identified female hormones on the males, consuming the beer was the rise in the emotional levels of the participant. Further research is pending. The differences in the brains of these two types of people, continues being studied for their gender based characteristics. Future studies hope to identify how these differences contribute to the ability of these two type people functioning as contributing members of the 21st century society.