Do We Really Know How to Listen?

It is generally known that to hear and to listen is two different concepts. While the first one is easy for everyone who doesn’t have problems with the sense of hearing, listening requires much more from a person. For instance, to listen carefully you need to be concentrated, attentive and responsive. Some people underestimate the value of listening, which is one of their major faults. So, is it really important to know how to listen?

I am absolutely sure that yes, it is very important. Without this skill it is really hard to find a good job, as any manager expects from his workers attention and following of his instructions. But when a person doesn’t listen to him, it is not only irritating, but also makes orders execution simply impossible. Moreover, it is extremely hard to learn something if you are not able to concentrate on the things your tutor tells you.

Inability to listen carefully also affects social relations of people, especially among women, as they are known to be more emotional than males. You won’t make good friends with people if you won’t be ready to listen and support them. It is one of the fundamentals on which friendship is built, and thus without the ability to listen it is extremely hard to find friends, as well as create happy family.

On the whole, I think that learning how to listen carefully is one of the main skills people should gain in order to live happy life and be satisfied with it. The best situation is when parents bring up their children in a way that this skill is developed from the early childhood. But in any way, all the people should strive to develop this skill as soon as possible.