Value of Recreation

People often talk about benefits that people get from work and how it is bad not to work, or do it not diligently. I agree with them, but think that apart from praising work, we shouldn’t underestimate recreation and what one can gain from it. I will try to describe its advantages and disadvantages in details.

There are two extremes into which people shouldn’t fall: idleness and workaholism. Both of them bring more harm than good to the person and his/her surrounding. In the first case people don’t do anything except hanging around and doing nothing useful. They usually have bad academic record when at school or university, and can’t find job that would suit them in adulthood. It is all about their laziness. The second variant is also destructive for people, as in this case they do nothing but work and can’t get real joy from life. They usually have problems with personal life, can’t find soulmates, friends and create happy families.

Thus, it is evident that both situations are harmful and shouldn’t have place in your life if you want to be happy and healthy. Only if you succeed to find the work you really love, you will feel complete. And only when you find a way to balance recreation and work, you will be happy and content with your life.

On balance, one shouldn’t underestimate the value of recreation and should always use free time to recreate strength and clear up mind and prepare for future prosperous work. This is a real and working recipe of happiness, which has already proved to be effective. I hope I will also succeed to find this balance and will be really satisfied with my life.