Is Anger Ever Beneficial?

Anger is one of the most controversial emotions in people’s life and psychology. So many discussions are held on its drawbacks and the way it harms both people who experience it and their surrounding, on the ways of controlling or suppressing it, and so on. But why? And can anger be beneficial?

This emotion can be defined in many different ways, but all of them have common ground – it is an emotional response to a perceived provocation. It is one of the strongest feelings people can ever feel and it can drive them to the most different actions, of which people often regret after calming down. People can even resort to some illegal and irretrievable actions in a fit of rage. Due to this reason, psychologists work on different ways to control this feeling, or eliminate it completely. But to my mind, to eliminate or suppress it completely is not a reasonable option, as anger has also positive benefits that cannot be undermined.

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People feel well when they are able to realize their potential and don’t limit themselves with something they find unnecessary. If they suppress anger for some time, they can simply explode with this emotion in any unexpected moment that can be the most inappropriate one, which can even put an end to their career or family life, for instance. Thus, anger is necessary for our life to be complete. Another question is finding the moment to express it that will not harm neither you, nor the people around you. To my mind, the best way to get rid of this emotion is beat a pillow, for instance, or go in for sports.

On balance, there are so many ways in which people can express and control anger in a way that is beneficial for them. The only thing left is to master the most wide-spread techniques and implement them into your life. The result will be really rewarding.