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Problem with Weapons of Mass Destruction

Until the First World War, the kinds of weapons used in battles had limited potential to destroy life and property on a large scale. But with the invention of the nuclear bomb, the scenario changed drastically. The whole world was stunned by the devastation that two solitary bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki could create. No other manmade device could unleash the amount of damage as the nuclear bomb. Although the United States could put an end to the Second World War with these bombs, it opened up the world to a new set of intriguing and frightening possibilities.

As long as this kind of destructive power is in the hands of a responsible nation, things could be fine. But if we try to imagine what could happen if someone like Hitler had access to this kind of power, then the real gravity of the situation would become clear. Even this millennium has had its share of crackpots like Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. If they had access to this kind of technology, the world would be in constant danger. We know how much damage terrorists can cause with conventional bombs. Just imagine the situation when weapons of mass destruction get into the hands of these deranged individuals – it could be a catastrophic situation.

The world has seen a number of dictators and tyrants who have caused misery and anguish to people under their rule. Time and again, men and women with deranged minds have come to power and caused untold damage to the lives of innocent people. We need to find ways to prevent the weapons of mass destruction from getting into their hands.

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Checked: 19 Jan 2018
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