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Love Has No Gender

If we consider any culture in our world, we are likely to know that the only universal feature that exists in each of them is marriage. For centuries a man has made a proposal to a woman he loves and wants to be with. But in the course of time, the social context of this or that phenomenon, however universal it is, changes. Nowadays more and more gay couples demand the legal permission to get married, claiming that marriage does not necessarily involves a man and a woman. So, should they be granted such a permission?

On the one hand, a gay marriage can be seen as something destroying the basis of the human morale: since time immemorial, marriage has been the union of a man and a woman seen as the right course of life, being a role-model for children to follow. However, trying to identify the reasons for people to marry, psychologists found out that people get married mostly for security: one feels much more protected and secure having a partner for life. So, why do gay couples not deserve the same level of security? Doesn’t a person need the feeling of protection and safety only because of the sexual preferences? Another popular argument against gay marriages is that homosexual relationship will be promoted in the society if their right to get married is legally determined. But are numerous films on TV promote violence and cruelty and are still shown every day?

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