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Examples and Samples

Essay Example on Cultural Theory

Question 1

This argument is rather pedestrian, especially considering that the modern society is based on co-existence. Taking the United States as an example, multi-cultural societies are inevitable in the contemporary world, where globalization is the force behind the destiny of the human race. Race should not be the determining factor as far as what one will do is concerned. On the contrary, all races should be treated equally with such doctrines as the equal employment opportunity being the guiding principles.

Essay on Two Gentle People by Graham Greene

Greene, Graham. Collected Short Stories: Twenty-one Stories: a Sense of Reality: May We Borrow Your Husband? London: Penguin, 2000.
The author of this book is a notable writer who explores the ambivalent moral and political contentious issues in the current world. His collection of short stories and plays revolves around the contemporary issues of love, sexual desire and obsession. The author highlights the environment that we live while associating with the people we love or those we admire and lust after.

Intellectual Property Marketing

Product development and intellectual property laws are intertwined in their focus of protecting the fashion industry. With this, the laws identify trademarks, names, source, and logos within the fashion industry and focuses on protection of the same against copying and raids by pirates (Blakley 1). As such, the fashion industry attains a safe market, which is free from disputes based on trademarks designs and rights. Trademark depicts a valuable company asset, which in the fashion industry contributes towards attainment of a big economic impact. The key target areas of the fashion law are the photographers, designers, retail chains, models, high fashion houses and manufacturers among other individuals. Thus, these laws have an obligation of ensuring that copying does not occur and these persons engage in the best practice of ensuring originality in all their activities in the fashion industry.

Sample of Investigative Essay on Infidelity

The institution of matrimony is the one which has to wade through many troubled waters and thereby is considered to be one of the most volatile and sensitive relationships which is quite often threatened by infidelity. For instance, in today’s world, we get to see marriages falling apart like a house of cards and the culprit of these mishaps are more often not the infidelity of one or both of the partners. It is quite natural for a married couple to lose interest in each other’s personalities which if often perceived to be the root cause of infidelity.

Racial and Ethical Development and Identity

Ethical and racial identity is a very important part of a total framework of collective and individual identity. Looking at the minority group in countries like the United States, ethical and racial identities are demonstrated in extremely cognizant ways. This demonstration is mostly generated with two contradictory cultural and social influences. To begin with, deep conscious immersion into cultural values and traditions through educational, neighborhood, familial, and religious communities instills a positive logic of confidence and ethnic identity. Secondly, individuals repeatedly must sieve ethnic identity via media messages and negative handling from others for their ethnicity and race.

Book Review: Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

The novel concerned in this book review is a novel by Chinua Achebe entitled Things Fall Apart. The novel’s main character is a man named Okonkwo; at the beginning of the novel, the protagonist is portrayed as a strong man, capable of doing good things for his village and his people (Achebe). However, the protagonist is living in his father’s shadow, as his father often borrowed money from those in the village with the complete inability to pay it back. In his attempt to seem strong, Okonkwo participates in the killing of a young boy who views him as a father figure; after the death of the boy, things begin to go wrong for Okonkwo, and he is sent into exile (Achebe). Once he returns from exile, he is confronted with the presence of colonialism in his village; he and others react violently against this colonial presence, eventually burning down a Christian church. At the end of the novel, Okonkwo hangs himself rather than be tried in the colonial court (Achebe).

Anthropology of Octavia Butler’s Kindred

Kindred is a 1976 novel by Octavia butler. The novel is a combination of African American literature and science fiction. This is because the book tells the story of slavery from the perspective of 1976 woman. The novel also entails elements of fantasy as it involves time travel and of course acts of heroism by the time traveler.
Dana is a young African American woman who has just moved into her new apartment with her husband Kevin in California. On the ninth of June 1976 as Dana is busy unpacking in their new apartment she suddenly gets dizzy. Her vision gets blurry and all of a sudden her environment seems to slowly fade away. She wakes up in Maryland but there is a twist. It is now the nineteenth century.

Feasibility Study Sample Essay

This is a feasibility study on the proposed Xanadu contract management system. This study aims to prove or disprove the financial prudence of creating and implementing the said system. The proposed contract management system will be responsible for handling outsourced system development contracts.
This feasibility study was commissioned by Sr. Vice president of the Xanadu Bellevue Branch, Ann Casey, with authority from the corporate headquarters in George Town, Cayman. The investigation has been executed by the Alpha group whose members include John Tyrion, Grace Stark, Alex Snow, and Arya White.

Test Score Gap in Math

Stage 1: Introduction: Issue
The gap between black and white test score is a robust empirical regularity (Fryer & Levitt, 2004). This gap remains almost constant even after experiments are conducted under controlled variables that include neighborhood characteristics, quality of schools, socioeconomic status and family structure. Therefore, comprehending the key underlying causes of this gap in test score, especially in math is of great importance. This will lead towards formulation of strategies and measures, which are aimed at ensuring that the gap decreases and African Americans will have improved and better scores in math. Math is an essential subject, which influences each and everything that individuals interact with in the modern life.

Bhagavad Gita and the Problem of Evil

Bhagavad Gita is the holy scripture in Hinduism and it is considered to be one of the most important work pieces in this religion. This book is believed to contain the advice given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battle of Kurukshetra. Lord Krishna is one of the incarnations of Vishnu, a supreme deity in Hinduism and he is known to have helped the Pandavas or the good people win over the Kauravas or the bad people in the Battle of Kurukshetra. During this battle, one of the Pandava brothers, Arjuna, is confused about his role and why he should fight the battle at all. This is why Lord Krishna advises him about the good winning over the evil and the role that Arjuna should play in the same.

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